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Welcome to sekureco42's blog 🎉

This is a blog around several technologies. I’m interested in many different topics like remote controlled helicopter, home automation, AI, Security, Azure, Microcontroller, Hacking and Reverse Engineering and many other topics.

Here you will find many different posts around the fore mentioned topics. Please note that posts could be in English or Deutsch .


Deploy Windows 11 Dev VM to Proxmox
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English Proxmox Windows 11 VMware OVA
Microsoft provides Windows 11 Developer VMs for several Hypervisors like VMware, Hyper-V and more - but not for Proxmox. This article shows how to automate the process of deploying Windwos 11 Developer VM to Proxmox.
Microsoft Defender for Office 365 & Least Privileges
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English MDO Azure
If using Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (MDO) as a Security Analyst and want to mitigate stuff (eg. add a domain to the Tenant Level Allow/Block list) you have an issue with the current role model Microsoft provides.
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Asset Rules
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English MDE Azure
If using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) often you need to tag devices according some rules. In the past this was a manual task or you automated it by using the API.
Add automatically Catch-All addresses as Send-from addresses in Exchange Online
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English Azure Expert Exchange PowerShell
In previous post I wrote about several possibilities to automate tasks in Azure. In this post I will show you an additional possibility to automate tasks in a cloud native environment with the help of Automation Account.
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint API with Logic App
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English MDE API Azure Logic App Expert
In another post I already wrote about managed identities and using API. There I also showed how to adapt the required permissions. In this post you will see how to set up required permissions for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (internally called WindowsDefenderATP).