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rOger Eisenecher
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rOger Eisenecher
> 12 years leading and building a SOC for MSSP • > 20 years working in security • > 40 years working with IT • 100% tech nerd.
Table of Contents
OpenTX - This article is part of a series.
Part 1: This Article

A short intro into OpenTX.

Please note that I switched in the meantime to EdgeTX. This artice is outdated.


I’m a heli pilot since many years - my skills are enough for flying around and do some simple manouvers like turns and loops. I started with an Spektrum DX7 radio. Then many started to use telemetry - no chance with my DX7 so I switched to Futaba TG14s - a nice radio and I was quite happy with it. Finally I wanted to have a high end radio so I bought a Jeti DS14 - really nice piece of hardware. But unfortnuatly this radio was too big for me and I crashed three models.

Due I also like to do FPV I was aware that there is an alternative eco system is available: Cheap radio’s based on OpenTX. I like Open Source projects and then I came across an announcment from Radiomaster that they will release the TX16s - as soon as I heard of that (april 2020) I did a pre-order. Finally on 8th of july 2020 the package arrived….

…and I had a lot of question marks: What I have to do it with it now? Where to start? What has to be done first? I checked available information in the internet - you will find many interesting information. But if you are beginner like me in the OpenTX environment you will get lost soon.

With this documents I will help others to have a smoother start into OpenTX. Feedback is welcome!

Where to start?

The following list gives you tasks what you should do:

  • Create a backup of your radio
  • Initial settings
  • Your first model setup
  • Setting up model timer
  • Setting up flight modes

More detailed information

  • Installing useful tools for your OpenTX based radio
  • Updating your radio (incl. your internal 4-in-1 module)
  • Setting up FrSky XSR-Sim Stick

Useful Links

URL Description Main page of the OpenTX project. Here you will find new firmware and tools
OpenTX - This article is part of a series.
Part 1: This Article