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OpenTX Software Installation

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rOger Eisenecher
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rOger Eisenecher
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OpenTX - This article is part of a series.
Part 2: This Article

A short intro how to install software required for OpenTX.

Please note that I switched in the meantime to EdgeTX. This artice is outdated.


The most important tool for OpenTX based radio is the so called OpenTX Compagnion. Compared to other typical radio’s OpenTX has a nice PC based tool which allows you to configure and simulate your radio completly on the PC (Windows, MacOS X and Linux are supported).


Installation is done with following simple steps:

  • Download OpenTX companion
  • Run setup
  • Start application
  • Do some basic settings

Download OpenTX companion

The latest version of the OpenTX companion can be found on the download page of OpenTX:

Open the mentioned URL in your browser. Then you have to navigate to latest OpenTX Branch. At time of this writing the latest release was OpenTX V2.3.9 ( ). There you will find the download links for the OpenTX companion. Select the link suitable for your operating system.

Try to avoid releases with a 0 (zero) at the end - those version are typically brand new with new features - but can still contain bugs.

Run setup

After you downloaded the latest version just install the software as usual. If you are using Windows double click on the downloaded package. After short time the software is installed.

Start application

Start the application with a double click on the applicatoin icon on your desktop or menu.

After first start of your application you should make some basic settings so the companion works nicely with your radio. See the section “Do basic settings” below!

Updating companion

Everytime you start companion it will automatically check if there is a new version available. If so you can initiate directly an update of the application.

If you want to update manually you have just to download the latest companion (see above) and start the installation procedure. The application recognise that already a version is installed and will update the existing installation.

Do basic settings

First step is to define some basic settings. Start the application and open settings by Settings -> Settings... The following window will appear:

Open Settings by navigating to the corresponding menu.

After selecting Settings... the following dialog will be shown.

Settings, Radio Profile

Settings window, page "Radio Profile"

Settings, Application Settings

Settings window, page "Application Settings"

Settings, Simulator Settings

Settings window, page "Simulator Settings"

OpenTX - This article is part of a series.
Part 2: This Article