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Use Prometheus Node Exporter with SigLens and
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English Logging Security Expert
Some days ago I discovered SigLens the first time and wrote a blog post about feeding logs into it with the help of SigLens does not only provide fast log management - no; it also supports metrics.
Fast log management with SigLens and
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English Logging Security Expert
A new star is born and my new personal favorite if you have to deal with logs: The Log Management solution from together with for log ingestion. This article describes the basic setup and the state of the project per may 2024.
Deploy Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble Numbat) with Autoinstall to Proxmox
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English Proxmox Ubuntu Autoinstall Cloud-Init Expert
Ubuntu provides several methods to automatically install Ubuntu on systems. This article will describe the method with an Autoinstall file to automatically make the base setup of the system. Introduction When setting up VMs based on Ubuntu, I often go through the same setup steps.
Azure Batch and how to avoid misuse
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English Azure Azure Batch Azure RBAC Security Expert
Azure Batch is quite powerful tool if you want to scale compute intensive tasks in your environment due it lets you manage scaled workload in Azure. This article will present counter measure to reduce the risk of misuse.
Deploy Windows 11 Dev VM to Proxmox
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English Proxmox Windows 11 VMware OVA Expert
Microsoft provides Windows 11 Developer VMs for several Hypervisors like VMware, Hyper-V and more - but not for Proxmox. This article shows how to automate the process of deploying Windwos 11 Developer VM to Proxmox.


Add automatically Catch-All addresses as Send-from addresses in Exchange Online
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English Azure Expert Exchange PowerShell
In previous post I wrote about several possibilities to automate tasks in Azure. In this post I will show you an additional possibility to automate tasks in a cloud native environment with the help of Automation Account.
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint API with Logic App
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English MDE API Azure Logic App Expert
In another post I already wrote about managed identities and using API. There I also showed how to adapt the required permissions. In this post you will see how to set up required permissions for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (internally called WindowsDefenderATP).
Graph API with Logic App
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English Graph API Azure Logic App Expert
In the first part of this serie we checked the basics of the Graph API. Now in this part we will use Logic App to query the API. This opens new way to automate tasks.
Nextcloud SSO with Azure Active Directory (AAD)
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English Azure SSO Expert Docker Nextcloud SAML
Nextcloud is a file sharing platform like Sharepoint. Providing SSO for this application for your Azure Active Directory users is easy - especially if you know which SAML properties you have to setup on both ends, Nextcloud and AAD.
Comment function for static websites with Remark42
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English Docker Tipps Expert
Static websites are incredibly fast - but the drawback is that you can’t use dynamic content like commenting of articles. But there is a solution for this issue: You could integrate external commenting services.