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Open port to Custom VM in Oracle Cloud
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English Oracle Cloud Security Tipps
Oracle is a nice cloud provider which provides some resources for free. That’s perfect if you want to experiment with some web services. But unfortunatly accessing them is not an easy task if you are a beginner in this environment.
Azure Cross Tenant MFA Trust Settings
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English Azure MFA Guest Tipps
To have MFA enabled also in a B2B scenario is important. But it could lead to two MFA prompts which could lead to the MFA fatigue syndrom. In this post I will show you how you could reduce MFA prompts.
Comment function for static websites with Remark42
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English Docker Tipps Expert
Static websites are incredibly fast - but the drawback is that you can’t use dynamic content like commenting of articles. But there is a solution for this issue: You could integrate external commenting services.
rsync web site data to webserver with GitLab CI/CD job
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English GitLab Tipps CI/CD Hugo
This blog is based on hugo - a static web page generator. It will generate all documents which have to be transfered to my web server. Instead of doing it manually I show you how to do it with a simple Gitlab CI/CD pipeline to automate all necessary steps.
Recoloring of SVG icons
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English HTML Tipps
Recently I tried to add an additional SVG based icon to an existing web framework - but recoloring it like the other SVG based icons was not possible. After some digging around I found a solution for that issue.